The rates at Sterling Van Lines are based on the seasons. Fewer moves occur between November and March, so we lower our prices during that time to attract more business. April through October is when we return to normal rates. We also offer discounts for Veterans, Seniors, Faithful (return) Customers, Realtors and more. Further discounts may apply through hires on other service websites.

Rates for Full Moves (load, transport, and unload to your desired layout):

November - March: 2 men & fully equipped truck: $85 per hour. 4 men & 2 trucks: $160 per hour.
April - October: 2 men & fully equipped truck: $100 per hour. 4 men & 2 trucks: $175 per hour.​

Labor Only: $35 per hour per laborer (translates to additional manpower on the regular moving rates listed above). Includes tools, dollies, stretch wrap, and temporary use of moving pads if needed. So if you are loading up a rental truck to move across the country and all you need is 2 movers to help you load, the rate would be $70 per hour.

Special Items: The exact price depends on variables like stairs, the type of item (example: console piano vs grand piano), distance the item is being transported, etc. Below are typical price ranges for single-item moves. If you're moving any of these items along with the rest of (or even just part of) the house or business, the special item charges are slashed to about 1/4 of the single-item move rates listed below.

Pool Tables: $425 to $675 for full disassembly, transport within 30 miles, reassembly, planing and leveling.
Pianos: $185 (spinet) to $425 (grand) transport within 30 miles of our office, and $5 per stair over 6 total.
Safes: This can truly vary greatly depending on size and weight. A recent move of a 2,500 lb 6 ft safe from garage to garage under 30 miles away cost $550.

Our  Prices

Extraordinary Moves: Items that require hoisting or a scaffold to move can vary in cost to such a degree that it is literally impossible to price without an in-home estimate. One example would be a fully mirrored upright dresser that had to be hoisted within a DC condo to a loft. That particular hoist cost $700.

Packing: Hourly rate of $35 per hour per packer plus materials used. The amount of materials you will need can only be estimated by an in-home visit. Different people hold on to or collect wildly differing amounts of items, and the only way to know how many and what type of boxes are needed is to see it in person or via live video chat (another option would be an extremely thorough and extensive series of pictures or recorded video showing all contents to be packed).

Materials Offered

Wardrobe Boxes: $15 each if purchased, No cost if used for the move and returned at the end (used for hanging clothes, and occasionally tall oddly shaped items).

Dish Packs / China Barrels: $4.50 each (used for plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, various dishware and cookware).

Box - 6 cu ft: $3.50 each (used for blankets, cloth, large light items such as tupperware, toys, light sturdy lamps, etc).

Box - 3 cu ft: $3.00 each (used for electronics, small appliances, knick knacks, small collectibles and memorabilia).

Book Box / 1.5 cu ft: $2.50 each (used for books, CDs, canned food, wine or liquor bottles, fragile stemware).

Mirror Cartons: $2.00 each (used for large panes of glass, pictures, mirrors, very thin TVs [size of item determines whether 2 or 4 cartons are needed]).

Packing Paper (blank newsprint) 25 lbs: $30.00 (used for wrapping dishware and as cushion for fragile items).

Tape (55 yds PrimeTac Industrial): $3.00 each (if buying your own tape, we suggest opaque carton tape as it holds to cardboard better than most clear packing tape).

Paper Pads: $2.00 each (used for protecting furniture surfaces in storage or on transfer jobs [when we can't use our own cloth moving pads]).

A Note on Materials: If you don't get your materials through the moving company, be sure to get quality boxes wherever you do buy them from (we recommend New Haven Moving Equipment). Saving a dollar per box may seem like a great deal, but keep in mind that is usually due to lower production costs - meaning cheaper materials and construction. Spending $50 less on packing materials is great until your $300 game console or media player gets broken because the box tore open.

We know that prices are the main concern when searching for a moving company, so we put ours out in plain sight for you to see. We don't recommend trusting a company that won't tell you their rates up front. They are usually just waiting to see how much they can get away with charging.