Save money on insurance with your own agent, or with included basic coverage and a company that you trust

Moving insurance may seem like a clear-cut "you break it, you buy it" agreement, but you may be surprised. Learn the truth here, along with our suggestions for your coverage options.


Ask your insurance broker or agent about the availability of protection under any of your existing coverages, or determine if they can provide any additional coverage to protect your shipment. Some people are already covered for incidents that may occur during a move and they don’t even know it. Even if you’re not already covered, 9 times out of 10, the insurance that your agent can provide will be more comprehensive AND lower cost than buying additional insurance through the moving company.

Our Policy: What we generally suggest to our customers is to check if they're already covered for incidents that may occur during a move. If not, then evaluate the items that you're concerned about and weigh their value against the cost of additional insurance available through your agent. Every once in a while, damage to items may happen even in the hands of the most experienced professionals; when this happens, no matter if you've purchased additional insurance through us or not, we will go above and beyond to have the item repaired when possible - replaced when necessary - and reimburse you when neither option is viable. Yes, we do mean that even on nothing but the included basic coverage we will do everything worldly possible to fix any of the unlikely damage that occurs by any fault of ours. We live and operate our business according to the golden rule - treat others the way that you wish to be treated.

It is important that you fully understand how much your mover is responsible for in the event your goods are lost or damaged.

This is governed by the valuation statement on the bill of lading.

Standard Protection: Mover’s Liability for Loss or Damage provides for up to, but not exceeding, sixty cents per pound per article, at no extra cost. Unless you are being reimbursed for losses by an employer or other party, or your goods are of very nominal value, this will not provide full protection. If you release your goods on this basis of limited liability, your recovery for loss or damage will be subject to a maximum of 60 cents times the weight of the article involved.

Additional Coverage: There are many different forms of additional insurance that moving companies may offer, and the scope of that coverage varies significantly. Repair, replacement, or reimbursement are all possibilities and the degree to which each option is required to be carried out may be surprising. Unfortunately, when it comes to additional insurance, reading through all of the fine print is really the only way you will know what you’re truly covered for. Unethical companies can and have used underhanded tactics related to the “extra coverage” they supply. One example is a poorly worded replacement clause being exploited, wherein an antique handcrafted table was destroyed due to inexperienced workers’ poor handling and that company “replaced” the antique with a $15 folding card table.